John Lusink – Trustee, Awesome Foundation Newmarket Chapter

I take great pride in being a Trustee of, and contributor to, the Awesome Foundation Newmarket Chapter, as it is just one more way for me to give back to my neighbors and my community. The relatively modest awards we grant our applicants have a direct effect on the school-aged children of Newmarket, which makes the work we do even more rewarding.

The Awesome Foundation is a grass-roots community improvement campaign founded by Mr. Tim Hwang in 2009. Unlike registered charities and foundations, Awesome is structured along the lines of a casual association of grass-roots community groups to allow for complete autonomy of local organizations. At present, the community improvement groups affiliated with the Awesome Foundation range from Canada and the United states to Great Britain, Europe, and Australia, and number about three dozen. The affiliation has been described in the past as “micro-genius grants for flashes of micro-brilliance.”

The Newmarket Chapter of the Awesome Foundation was established in the spring of 2012. With our most recent award to Ms. Lee-Ann Smalley of the Healthy Schools Committee at Armitage Village Public School, we have now awarded six Awesome Grants to local groups and individuals. We believe wholeheartedly that no idea is too small to be awarded and have bestowed our micro-grants for community improvement ideas from a youth-focused “Spinal Cord Injury Youth Awareness Project,” a prevention program for youngsters at risk of spinal injury, to the “Food For Thought Club,” which encourages high school students to volunteer to make lunches for at-risk elementary school children.

The award is a monthly grant of $1000, contributed by the trustees, to promote prosperity, education, community involvement and education to the youth of Newmarket.

Trustees of the Awesome Foundation, Newmarket Chapter include, Mr. John Lusink, Royal LePage York North Realty; Mr. Gerry Anthony, Gerry Anthony Private Equity Lending; Ms. Maureen Burleson, The Montana Group; Mr. Rob Chaggares, Chaggares & Bonhomme Chartered Accountants; Ms. Kirsten Eastwood, Women’s Centre of York Region; Mr. Stephen Jones, BDO Canada Limited; Ms. Debra Scott, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Neil Stratton, Scotia McLeod; Ms. Veronica Williams, SNAP Newmarket; Ms. Jackie Playter.

Here is to an ongoing and successful online relationship…

John Lusink, CCIM, Broker of Record & Managing Partner of Royal LePage York North Realty

Silence is Golden!

I am very greatful to be part of the Toronto Real Estate Board of Directors.  This is a group of some of the finest professionals in the business who often share their wisdom at our regular board meetings.

At a recent meeting, the topic of “beware who might be listening/watching” when you show a home came up.  It was shocking to hear that more and more sellers are aparently using various devices to record sales people and or their clients’ activities when looking at their home.

It seems a few are doing this for security reasons, however, it also seems that more of them are undertaking this approach to possibly gain an advantage during the negotiation process.  According to one of the Directors there is a case pending where a seller found out some information which they did not appreciate and are taking the buyer and their sales person to task for.

I would suggest to any Realtor showing prospective buyers through a home, that he/she have a conversation ahead of time to warn them to refrain from making any comments that could harm their negotiating position or could be perceived as negative or worse, offensive in nature.

It seems that one of the age old rules, “Silence is Golden”, may be the order of the day.  It truly is a “buyer beware” (and Realtor beware) world out there.

Office Morale

Today’s post is on the topic “Office Morale”.  This is a challenging but important issue for any high pressure sales environment, especially one like real estate where Realtors are independent contractors so the interaction may seem more like a B2B arrangement.

Over the past 15 years, I can share with you that until the “cancer” left or was asked to leave, it wasn’t clearly evident how bad morale had suffered as a result of the bad attitude of one individual.  Typically sales people and admin staff are reluctant to “complain” to their Broker/Manager usually citing excuses like; “he/she is so busy I don’t want to bother him”. Of course, the business being what it is, something always comes up so the issue goes away as long as business calls.  With the increasing stats showing more Realtors moving to the work at home format, it is also hard to keep a pulse on what the overall mood of the office is.

It is true that every office has a very similar compliment of personality proles.  In fact, I would not be surprised to find that the percentages based on DISC Personality Assessments would mirror the typical breakdown across the population (more on DISC to follow in the next blog).

As Brokers we are often reluctant to make major changes, i.e., terminate a sales person, thinking that they may change.  It does happen in some cases but there is always the One for whom the glass will never be half full.  Consequently we need to set some standards and learn to let these people go.  What is most interesting is that once the “cancer” has left, new, more positive individuals always show up.  It is like the Universe senses the more positive environment and reaches out to good people.  Bottom line; have more faith and make the necessary changes!

Peak Producers

John Lusink, Royal LePage York North Realty offers Buffini & Company’s Peak Producers® training program for real estate professionals

 Newmarket, Ontario – Peak Producer Mentor John Lusink is pleased to announce that we are offering Buffini & Company’s revolutionary new training program, Peak Producers, with classes beginning on February, 2013.

Developed by industry expert Brian Buffini and top producer Joe Niego, this 12-week course is specifically designed to help real estate professionals develop the habits, attitude and skills they need to serve buyers and sellers at a deeper level and build a fundamentally sound business by successfully executing the roles of CEO, COO and CFO of their own businesses.

Facilitated by John Lusink, Broker Of Record, Peak Producers training is delivered through a series of DVDs featuring Brian Buffini, who teaches participants the principles, strategies and how-to’s they need to succeed in any market. In addition to the video content, classroom time is devoted to group discussion of best ideas, synergy sessions, practicing crucial sales skills and receiving encouragement and accountability.

Throughout the program, students also complete action steps that help them apply the principles they’ve learned to their businesses. The expected result from Peak Producers is that each participant will generate 10 leads and close 3 extra transactions during the 12 weeks. Royal LePage York North’s past classes have averaged (5.9) closed transactions per student.

For additional information or to join a Peak Producers class, please contact John Lusink at Royal LePage York North by email at

John Lusink

Newmarket Businessman Works to Improve Community

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada – November 28, 2012 – John Lusink, a Newmarket businessman, is working hard to improve his community in a variety of ways. From youth soccer coach to charitable gifts, from sitting on the boards of charities to being a trustee for same, Mr. Lusink has made the commitment to make Newmarket a better place to live for everyone.

Believing that community involvement is important to the lives of his neighbors, this real estate professional with more than a quarter of a century of experience in the Newmarket, Toronto, and Kingston markets has made himself available to many charities and foundations. Among them, Mr. Lusink is a Trustee for Awesome Foundation Newmarket, a grass-roots program dedicated to promoting education and community programs for Newmarket youth. He is also a long-time coach and sponsor of the Boys U16 Newmarket Soccer Club, an active supporter of the Royal LePage Women’s Shelter Foundation, which provides shelter and relief for abused women and their children, an active member of the disciplinary committee of the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

Beyond his degree from Queen’s University, Mr. Lusink has also completed a number of specialized certificate level programs in real estate and business coaching and is, in fact, a Co-owner and Managing Partner of Royal LePage York North Realty, a national real estate franchise and leader in the marketplace. Mr. Lusink is also a certified Focal Point Business Coach, and the proud owner of a Focal Point Business Coach Franchise.

Content for the FocalPoint coaching program was developed by Brian Tracy, a recognized leader in helping people find more time, build better teams, and generate more profit. By partnering his own passion with the expertise of Brian Tracy’s tested and proven concepts, Mr. Lusink has provided, and continues to provide, outstanding value to his clients. It is this approach to ethical, responsible business practices which has fostered in Mr. Lusink his belief that it is simply good business to give back to his community.

By sharing his hard-won knowledge and experience, gained through more than 25 years of doing business in the Toronto and Newmarket areas for Re/Max and Re/Max Premier, and now for Royal LePage York North Realty, John Lusink is uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of know-how and expertise to the benefit of his community. He has always been happy to offer his talents in business development, marketing, strategic planning, and operational planning to those in his community who can benefit from his experience.

Mr. Lusink is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, and has made it his goal to mentor to any and all who need him.

John Lusink is a Trustee of the local chapter of the Awesome Foundation. The Newmarket Chapter of the Awesome Foundation awards $1000 each month to individuals or organizations that promote prosperity, education, community involvement, and education to the youth of Newmarket. No idea is too small for consideration and all are encouraged to apply. Individuals or groups can apply through an online application at Awesome Foundation, Newmarket Chapter.

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