Office Morale

Today’s post is on the topic “Office Morale”.  This is a challenging but important issue for any high pressure sales environment, especially one like real estate where Realtors are independent contractors so the interaction may seem more like a B2B arrangement.

Over the past 15 years, I can share with you that until the “cancer” left or was asked to leave, it wasn’t clearly evident how bad morale had suffered as a result of the bad attitude of one individual.  Typically sales people and admin staff are reluctant to “complain” to their Broker/Manager usually citing excuses like; “he/she is so busy I don’t want to bother him”. Of course, the business being what it is, something always comes up so the issue goes away as long as business calls.  With the increasing stats showing more Realtors moving to the work at home format, it is also hard to keep a pulse on what the overall mood of the office is.

It is true that every office has a very similar compliment of personality proles.  In fact, I would not be surprised to find that the percentages based on DISC Personality Assessments would mirror the typical breakdown across the population (more on DISC to follow in the next blog).

As Brokers we are often reluctant to make major changes, i.e., terminate a sales person, thinking that they may change.  It does happen in some cases but there is always the One for whom the glass will never be half full.  Consequently we need to set some standards and learn to let these people go.  What is most interesting is that once the “cancer” has left, new, more positive individuals always show up.  It is like the Universe senses the more positive environment and reaches out to good people.  Bottom line; have more faith and make the necessary changes!

Written by johnlusinkcoach

John Lusink, Regional Vice President, Canada Brokerage Operations/Broker, eXp Realty Of Canada, Inc.. A REALTOR® for over 30 years, Mr. Lusink has served in a variety of positions in both commercial and residential real estate from Business Owner to Broker and from Trainer/Coach to Marketing Manager. In addition to previously serving on TREB’s Professional Standards Committee, Mr. Lusink contributed to the Real Estate Council of Ontario’s Discipline and Appeals Committee for five years. Most recently, Mr. Lusink completed a second consecutive term as Chair of TREB’s Government Relations Committee and has been a Director for the Toronto Real Estate Board for the past six years. A Certified Commercial Investment Member for more than a decade, he is also a Certified Business Coach, a Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designee and trainer, as well as a Council of Real Estate Broker Managers (CRB) designee and an FRI.

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